Dear Parent

The academy was inspected by Ofsted on the 21st & 22nd March 2017.  Over the last 2 years, our results have improved significantly moving us up the Staffordshire League tables from the low forties to 21st in the county. We are among the top Moorlands schools, including JCB, for rates of progress and we have moved from 8th out of 9 to 3rd with the academy achieving the best results in its history last September.

Whilst the result of the inspection is not what we were hoping for, the team of inspectors have highlighted a number of areas for us to continue our improvements. In light of this inspection report, as a school we have already started to effect some rapid amendments with a change in behaviour policy, which will be shared with students and parents next week. We are currently appointing a new Vice Principal to replace Mr Beverley, who we sadly lost to cancer last October, and the successful candidate will be our new behaviour lead. We have revisited our leadership structure and this will give increased capacity in moving our school forward.  Our Staff are keen and eager to continue on our journey towards good and outstanding with many volunteering for additional projects to support our continued school improvement. This is testament to the strength of our learning community in this period of reflection and change.

The academy has already started its work on a ‘Statement of Action’ to effect rapid change, alongside our Extended Senior Leadership Team, and this will bring about some noticeable changes quite rapidly. The benefits for staff, students and parents of working under the category of Special Measures means that there will be increased scrutiny of all aspects of our work. This will not only be Her Majesty’s Inspectorate, but also we are currently starting work with a team of School Improvement Officers and Ofsted Inspectors who support a number of schools. Their expertise will quality assure what we are currently implementing in order to bring about rapid change and build upon existing good practice as well as that used in other outstanding schools.

Whilst I understand that some parents may have concerns with the contents of this report, I can assure all our parents that the academy will be instigating rapid change on the points raised. As a school, it is extremely important to us to have a safe, caring and an effective learning environment for all our students and we would welcome visits at any time to the academy to see the school in action. Please call Reception for a tour or email office@thecheadleacademy.co.uk.

I will ensure that we keep all parents up-to-date with current developments and strategic planning through our website as well as other means. If you would like a hard copy of the report please contact Reception and we will issue a paper copy. If you do have any queries please do not hesitate to contact myself or any member of staff in the Senior or Pastoral teams.

Yours sincerely

Neil Jamieson