Ofsted Report

May 2018

Dear Parents / Carers

Re: Ofsted Inspection

As some parents may be aware the academy was inspected by Ofsted on the 18th and 19th of April to assess whether the academy is taking effective action towards the removal of Special Measures.  I am pleased to report that the HMI Mr S Mosley, who led the inspection, believes we are taking this effective action.

The inspectors looked at a number of different areas in the academy and noted the improvements which have been made over the previous year. They felt the leaders and managers, at all levels of the academy, have a clear understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses and that we are taking appropriate actions to continue to improve our school.

The inspectors noted that “there was a strong sense of community in the school. Pupils are keen to take on responsibilities…pupils feel safe…behaviour has improved markedly since the time of the last inspection and poor behaviour is now rare”. “The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is improving….and there is some high quality practice in a number of subject areas…Staff know the pupils well. They use their secure subject knowledge and positive relationships to help pupils make progress”. Our new 6th for provision, which transferred to the school last summer , “is well led and managed and, as a result of the quality of teaching, current students are making strong progress.”

There are many more positives we can take from this report, however we still need to work on a few areas to ensure the school is at least “Good” at the time of our next Section 5 inspection. We need to ensure the excellent practice identified in the academy is shared with other areas to ensure consistency  throughout the school, to improve the quality of teaching and learning.  We need to also ensure that our whole school attendance is at least at national levels.  Our target is for every students to have an attendance figure of 97%.  As an academy we do not authorise any requests for holidays during term time.  For those students whose attendance does fall (especially below 90%), we use a team of Education Welfare Officers who can support and also prosecute parents of students with poor attendance.

Our outcomes last year have already seen an improvement with many of our option subjects scoring in the top 16th percentile nationally and Humanities scoring in the top 23rd percentile.  We are sharing this practice with those areas which do not score as highly and we are predicting further improved outcomes this year, building on our recent successes when we achieved the highest results in the academy’s history in 2017.

A copy of our report can be found on our school website and a hard copy is available on request by emailing office@thecheadleacademy.co.uk. This report will appear on the Ofsted website on Tuesday 8th May. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or if you would like to attend  our next Parental Forum meeting on Wednesday 13th June when we can update parents with our next steps.

Yours sincerely


Mr Neil Jamieson

The Cheadle Academy Report